Highlights of Christmas Recital 2015

christmas-recital pic

We had two wonderful recitals this past weekend where the students showcased their musical selections. From beginners with just a couple months of lessons to seasoned students, all performed beautifully to the best of their abilities. AJ’s Music Factory offers multiple performance opportunities throughout the year to help students grow in confidence as musicians and performers. With each performance that passes, student’s become more at ease with being on stage and entertaining others with their musical gifts.

Recitals hold great value for students as a motivator being that there is a specific goal in mind. Students work diligently to create a polished performance to showcase to relatives and peers of the studio, and they also get the opportunity to hear more advanced musicians or become inspiration for the up and coming pupils. Performances also provide a great sense of pride and accomplishment that fuels students to continue progressing forward in their musical studies.

Watch this video for a bit of holiday musical cheer!

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