Piano Lessons


Piano lessons are available for all ages and levels of pianists up to early advanced. At AJ’s Music Factory students will cover a vast array of repertoire including pop tunes, classical music and modern composers. Along with learning the standard language of music, students will also participate in the following:

• How to interpret and play from a lead sheet
• The art of improvisation and playing by ear
• Music theory
• Technique exercises
• Guidance in creating original compositions
• Exploration of multiple genres of music

To ensure that students are engaged throughout their lesson, use of multiple creative activities both on and off the piano bench are used to teach the fundamentals of piano playing. Enjoyment of music and creative freedom is greatly pursued and valued.

Lessons are offered in 2 semi-private formats:

  • 60 minute lessons (30 min with instructor/30 min Lab Time)
  • 60 minute lessons (45 min with instructor/15 min Lab Time)
  • 75 minute lessons (60 min with instructor/15 min LabTime)
    o 60 (45/15) or 75 (60/15) option must be chosen for students combining vocal and piano instruction or as an option for advanced students covering harder repertoire (Grades 6-12)

What is Lab Time?

Students participate in extra training including musical genre and artist education, music theory using apps and flipped classroom studies to further create well-rounded musicians. Students participate in lab time while another is holding their lesson with the instructor.

Andrea is currently accepting new students. Please email or call for time availability. 

Piano Lessons:

Piano/Voice Combo Lessons: