Voice Lessons


Voice lessons are offered at AJ’s Music Factory for all levels and ages of singers. Students will study different styles of music including pop, rock, musical theater, jazz standards, R&B, blues, country and folk. Diversity of musical styles and the history of singers past and present are also studied in lessons.

In lessons the student will learn fundamentals of singing and musicality, including:

• Vocal technique and projection
• Improvisation
• Musical interpretation and styling
• Microphone technique
• Stage presence
• Sight singing and ear training
• Music theory
• Basic music reading skills

Vocal instruction encourages students to develop their truest voice while pursuing excellence in vocal technique. Our goal is to train well-rounded, healthy-voiced singers that hold a vast knowledge in vocal styles along with the ability to play a melody on the piano, sight-sing music and understand music theory. Piano/keyboard is not required for home practice of vocal students.

Lessons are offered in 2 semi-private formats:

  • 60 minute lessons (30 min with instructor/30 min Off Bench Time)
  • 60 minute lessons (45 min with instructor/15 min Off Bench Time)
  • 75 minute lessons (60 min with instructor/15 min Off Bench Time)
    o 60 (45/15) or 75 (60/15) option must be chosen for students combining vocal and piano instruction or as an option for advanced students covering harder repertoire (Grades 6-12)

What is Off Bench Time?

Students participate in extra training including improvisation practice, additional theory, educational games, activities and technology lab with iPad and Computer time to re-affirm concepts. At times a flipped classroom approach will allow for students to view pre-recorded videos of instruction that will also be implemented into their studies.

Andrea’s studio waitlist is approximately 12 months out. Please consider adding your child to the waitlist so you may have the option to join the studio when their turn comes up. 

Unfortunately Andrea is not accepting new students at this time. Please check back at a later date.