Policies and Tuition

boy_pianoA mutual respect between a teacher, student and parent(s) is critical for the student to progress. AJ’s Music Factory’s lesson policies exist as a structure that supports a relationship of integrity in order to support you or your child in growth as a musician.

Lesson Expectations

The calendar year for the studio starts the day after Labor Day and runs through part of June. Optional summer lessons are available in July. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend their child’s lessons from time to time to keep in touch with their progress, accomplishments and difficulties. 

School Year Session (Sept-June): 

Guitar and Ukulele Students: Instructor will be available to teach 36 private lessons within the 2020-2021 academic year.

Piano and/or Vocal Students: Instructor will be available to teach 37 lessons within the 2020-2021 academic year. All lessons and lab times will be held online until further notice.

Recitals and Events: Each student is expected to participate in at least two performances per year, though all performances are optional.  Please see calendar for specific dates.

Practice Time and Requirements: A minimum of 15-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is necessary for students to advance and mature as musicians. Quality over quantity is essential for good practice techniques. Parent’s should always read their child’s assignments and assist in practicing, especially for younger children.   Parental involvement is instrumental in a student’s success. For piano lessons, access to a tuned, well-maintained piano or weighted, 88-key electric keyboard/piano with pedal is required for learning. A 3-ring binder should be brought to all lessons. Students need to supply their own instrument for guitar and ukulele lessons.


Registration: The annual enrollment fee due August 1st includes all technology fees, administrative fees, sheet music, music books, theory books, incentive programs, performance and recital costs. Registration fee will be pro-rated if student starts mid-year.

Registration fees per student are as follows:
$100 – One instrument
$175 – Two instruments
$225 – Three Instruments

Tuition:  Tuition is divided into 10 equal monthly (Sept-June) payments at the following rates:

*Please check with instructor to advise on length of lesson appropriate for student

    • 30 minute lessons (guitar, ukulele and preschool students only) – $120
    • 30 minute one-on-one lesson with instructor + lab time – $140 monthly tuition
    • 45 minute one-on-one lesson with instructor + lab time- $195 monthly tuition 
    • 60 minute one-on-one lesson with instructor + lab time – $250 monthly tuition
      • Either the 45 min or 60 min must be chosen for students combining vocal and piano instruction

At this price the student is guaranteed that the instructor will be present to teach their set number of weeks (see above) of the school year (September-June). Tuition is not merely an hourly fee for services rendered. Each student is paying not only for high-quality music instruction at the instrument, but also for a guaranteed place in the studio and preparatory planning for each lesson.

Tuition covers the following: time spent with students in both private and group lessons, lesson preparation time, teacher training and experience, recital costs and preparations, professional organization memberships, professional journals, studio expenses, property taxes, self-employment taxes, insurance, business licenses, retirement, continuing education, and certification costs. The commitment to your child’s musical advancement is a full-time effort, and goes above and beyond an hourly fee.

*Families should expect an annual tuition increase.

Payments: Tuition is collected by automatic deduction from your credit card or debit card on file on the first of the month.

Missed Lessons

Because specific times are set-aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  The instructor will then use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate and create materials, etc. There are no refunds, discounts or makeups given unless the instructor is unable to teach the promised number of lessons.   

Swap List: (Andrea’s Students only) Families may opt to be a part of the swap list and may trade their lesson time with another student to help avoid absences.  The instructor must be informed of a swap.  No make-up lessons will be given if any confusion arises.  Should two people arrive at once, the instructor will teach the student whose lesson is normally at that time.  

Illness:  Students who are ill should not come to lessons.  The instructor reserves the right to send a student home if they arrive sick.

 Online Lessons: Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp lessons are available if you choose not to physically attend lessons due to slight illness, inclement weather or lack of transportation. 


Dismissal and Termination

Should you want to discontinue lessons, you can opt out of classes at any time by providing written notice via e-mail 30 days before the 1st of any month. Regrettably the instructor will have to dismiss a student from lessons if any of these situations occur: Failure to pay tuition on time, uncooperative attitude, lack of progress due to insufficient practice or absences.

Photo and Video Release

AJ’s Music Factory has permission to take photo and video of students to be used for marketing and website content. If names are used, it will be first names only.


Open communication between students, parents and teachers is essential for optimum success. Please keep in contact with me regarding your child’s progress and practice habits.

Phone: Andrea: 612.275.1895

E-mail: andrea@ajsmusicfactory.com

Website: ajsmusicfactory.com

AJ’s Music Factory recognizes the important role an educator plays in a student’s musical journey. Being invited to share in the musical development of a student is a great privilege, and we honor the responsibility to create a positive environment in which they can learn. Thank you for entrusting your child’s musical interests into our care.