We like to usher in the new school year with a super fun, low stress performance opportunity for the students at AJ’s Music Factory. This was our 3rd annual Halloween Spooktacular showcase and our first time at the lovely JJ’s Coffee and Wine Bistro in Eden Prairie, MN. Many piano pieces you will hear are from composer Daniel McFarlane out of Australia which were written in a minor tonality and sound “spooky!” Listen below to the students of AJ’s Music Factory and check out their amazing costumes! Bonus slide show at the end!

We are gearing up for our annual Christmas Recitals! All are welcome to attend for an afternoon of musical delight! Check out Payton’s version of “Do You Want To Build a Snowman”  from Disney’s hit movie Frozen below. Christmas Recital Invitation 2015 web


Vocal students at AJ’s Music Factory cover many topics in lessons: proper vocal technique, multiple genres, personal interpretation of music, vocal improvisation, technicalities of using a microphone, stage performance and confidence, etc. Last month our top focus was harmonizing and blending, two of the most important assets to being an accomplished vocalist. Throughout a series of lessons students interchanged harmony parts to allow their ears and eyes to learn different parts of the worship song, “Holy Spirit” from Francesca Battistelli‘s album If We’re Honest. As they came together and settled into their given parts the focus shifted to blending. “You know your part inside out. Now, listen to each other. Are you louder than the other? Where is the melody? Are you all in tune to each other?” These young ladies worked hard to create a beautiful blend, and they graciously helped to lead worship at Family of Christ Lutheran with the church band backing them last week (Double bonus: creating the next generation of worship leaders!).

Harmonizing and blending takes time. We work diligently to not only learn harmonies, but to be able to “hear the harmony” by ear without having to look at notes to help us. One way to start progressing in this area as a vocalist is to try singing harmonies with your favorite current songs on the radio.

Have a favorite song, but you don’t know where to start with harmony singing? We are here to help you! Excelling as a singer is a great joy, and we are grateful to help you on your vocal journey.


When I was a kid my piano teacher (whom I love dearly) would say the most dreaded four words I could hear, “Time for sight reading!” I despised sight reading. I wasn’t good at it, and the thought of reading through a not-so-interesting piece of music was not my idea of a fun time. Enter the year 2015. I am now the piano teacher and I have the pleasure of saying the four words, “Time for Piano Maestro!” Piano Maestro is an app that makes students feel like they are playing a piano type video game. It tracks their correct notes and timing, and rates their performance allowing them to go to the next level in their “Journey” if they have mastered the task at hand. This app is filled with engaging songs both from a traditional perspective and a contemporary, radio-of-today perspective. Students love it! And the best part is that they don’t even realize that they are “sight reading!” Shhhhh…..don’t let them in on the secret. Thank you to Joytunes, the creators of Piano Maestro, for creating this innovative app for teachers and students! At AJ’s Music Factory we are always looking for the next advancements in piano teaching, and you have raised the bar.