Vocal students at AJ’s Music Factory cover many topics in lessons: proper vocal technique, multiple genres, personal interpretation of music, vocal improvisation, technicalities of using a microphone, stage performance and confidence, etc. Last month our top focus was harmonizing and blending, two of the most important assets to being an accomplished vocalist. Throughout a series of lessons students interchanged harmony parts to allow their ears and eyes to learn different parts of the worship song, “Holy Spirit” from Francesca Battistelli‘s album If We’re Honest.¬†As they came together and settled into their given parts the focus shifted to blending. “You know your part inside out. Now, listen to each other. Are you louder than the other? Where is the melody? Are you all in tune to each other?” These young ladies worked hard to create a beautiful blend, and they graciously helped to lead worship at Family of Christ Lutheran with the church band backing them last week (Double bonus: creating the next generation of worship leaders!).

Harmonizing and blending takes time. We work diligently to not only learn harmonies, but to be able to “hear the harmony” by ear without having to look at notes to help us. One way to start progressing in this area as a vocalist is to try singing harmonies with your favorite current songs on the radio.

Have a favorite song, but you don’t know where to start with harmony singing? We are here to help you! Excelling as a singer is a great joy, and we are grateful to help you on your vocal journey.